still5There are times when we feel truly present with what we are doing, happy with where we are and who we are with.  At moments like this we are living our life in the richness of right now, able to fully appreciate the experience, not wishing that we were elsewhere.  Most of us know that our greatest happiness comes from this inner sense of contentment.

However, it is not always easy to feel this. We all experience times when we are under pressure and stressed, which can make the enjoyment of daily life difficult. This may be due to the pace of life today, or the economic climate and  the demands of a job; it could be due to relationship or family pressures, or maybe when we  have to adapt to new changes in our life. Whatever the cause, we may find that we feel we have lost our way and that those relaxed moments  are a rarity in our lives. We need to find a greater balance and sense of direction.

This site introduces you to Stress Reduction Courses in Geneva, to the area of Mind-Body Medicine,  and to the concept of Mindfulness which is one coping strategy to help you move toward a happier, healthier life, and to the MBSR Course.  You can find details of the MBSR Course as developed by Jon Kabat Zinn© in a clinical, medical setting as a systematic training in a number of practical adaptive skills to allow you respond to the stresses in your life. MBSR combines training in mindfulness mediation with the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and general well-being.

We have been running the MBSR Course, as developed by Jon Kabat Zinn©, for seven years here in Geneva, having been trained at the Stress Reduction Center in the Universtiy of Massachusetts Medical Center, where the Programme was first developed and whose curriculum we follow.

If you are interested in learning stress reduction or mindfulness skills we offer

  • The 8 week group-based Course in Geneva.
  • Follow-on courses for those who have completed the initial course.
  • Individually tailored courses carried out one-to-one either in Geneva or at distance.
  • Courses for particular groups such as the workplace and busy people.
  • Courses for those dealing with serious and/or chronic illnesses.

The MBSR course is designed to help people develop strategies to manage stress and anxiety associated with modern living, and to promote general well-being.

The Instructor for these courses is University of Massachusetts Mindfulness Trained Instructor Bianca King, Psychotherapist.

Each course involves meeting weekly for 8 weeks, as well as an All-Day Retreat. As such, the course includes 9 sessions in total.

The next courses begin in February, 2017.