One-to-one Sessions

Sometimes a person’s schedule means that they are not able to meet the requirements of the MBSR  course. It is frequent in Geneva to meet people whose work demands frequent travel. Others may require a time that fits in with their family commitments or school schedule.

In these cases a one-to-one Course, based closely on the clinically-proven MBSR Programme, is available. Normally run over eight weeks, it can however, be adapted to the needs and schedule of each individual. It involves an initial longer session, followed by weekly meetings, ongoing email support, guided home exercises and supportive readings. It can also involve analysis of the particular stressors being faced at the moment and designing exercises to respond to them. The goal is to allow the person internalize and maintain the skills to the point where they can keep them alive on their own

In this way you are able to get the benefits of a mindfulness meditation training adapted to the demands of your life.  If you feel this could work for you, drop me a mail at