MBCT for Cancer

September 2016 Course

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer (MBCT-Ca)

‘Mindfulness practice is really a love affair with what we

might call truth, which includes beauty, the unknown and

how things really are,

all embedded here in this very moment.’

(Kabat-Zinn, 1990)

This course will be run by Thea Marais and Raynelle Arciani through The English Speaking Cancer Association – esca. This course is for those who have recently undergone or are presently receiving treatment for cancer.

8 Thursdays from September 15th

esca Office – Ecumenical Centre

14.30 – 16:30

For more information please email us at: antonia@cancersupport.ch


In this course the original MBCT framework for the prevention of recurrent depression has been adapted to meet the needs of cancer patients. It has in common with all mindfulness-based approaches a premise that suffering arises more from how we relate to pain and difficulty that to the actual experience itself.

During the eight-week program we will learn to practice being mindful, more aware, centered and balanced in the ordinary experiences of every day. We will explore ways of responding differently to difficult situations rather than just reacting automatically, helping us to gradually cope more effectively with the challenges of cancer.


The program is offered free of charge by esca, but a donation to the organisation (in the past chf100 has been donated by participants) is appreciated.

Do I need any special materials?

A yoga mat is required for the Mindful Yoga exercises. Loose clothing is advised, as from the first evening the Course involves stretching exercises.

What to expect?

The sessions involve a combination of information presentation, small and large group discussion, gentle movement exercises (suitable for all levels of activity) and carefully guided meditation instruction and practice.

What is included?

You will be given a usb with all the audios of guided meditations, as well as selected readings and handouts throughout the course.

How do I Apply for the Course?

You can send an email to us at antonia@cancersupport.ch to register your interest and ask any questions. If you decide to pursue the Course, you may fill in and return to the same email address the Application Form.