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I hope you find this site helpful. Its purpose to offer information about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programmes offered in the Geneva and Lausanne area. It also contains some information about other mindfulness activity in the Geneva area.

portraitA little bit about us:

Bianca King – Psychological Counsellor and Meditation teacher

Bianca King is a highly qualified and experienced Psychological Counsellor, Meditation Teacher, and registered Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher with University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is a member of the Swiss MBSR Association.


Bianca first came across meditation in 1991, and since 1997 she has been practicing meditation daily to ground her own inner resources for well-being. The clear awareness and emotional balance that it encourages have been the cornerstone to her own life and work.


Bianca’s training and experience span both Eastern and Western perspectives on psychology and she draws upon these influences to help guide the therapeutic process and create a more powerful awareness of the benefits of mindfulness.


Her qualifications include:


  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Cancer – Bangor University
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher – University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Cultivating Emotional Balance – Santa Barbara Institute of Consciousness
  • Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy – University of Wales
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling – Australian College of Applied Psychology
  • BA in Philosophy and Psychology – Griffith University Australia


Bianca began her career in counselling in Australia at the Petrea King Quest for Life Centre for people with terminal illnesses. This is where she was formally introduced to incorporating meditation in processing life difficulties and uncertainties.


For three years, Bianca was based in London where she worked at Guy’s Hospital, the Awareness Centre and for the children’s helpline Get Connected. Bianca came to Geneva with her husband in 2008. Over the past twenty years and throughout her work and studies, Bianca has also been practicing meditation and attending Tibetan Buddhist teachings.


Bianca is based in Geneva, Switzerland, where she regularly conducts public courses at Webster University, as well as other locations in and around Geneva. In particular, she provides mindfulness-based programs for the workplace and teaching for numerous organisations, including:


  • WHO – World Health Organization
  • HSBC
  • The Oak Foundation
  • IHS
  • Cereal Partners Worldwide – Nestlé and General Mills Marketing Department
  • International Schools of Geneva – Nations, La Châtaigneraie, La Grande Boissiere
  • GEMS International School – Morges
  • English Speaking Cancer Association (ESCA) – MBCT – Ca for Cancer


The demands and stresses placed upon today’s workers are enormous, so learning to manage those demands and stresses effectively can have a profound and positive impact on corporate productivity and the personal happiness of individuals.


‘I was very impressed by Bianca’s flexibility and positive attitude to adapt the MBSR class
to our business context and deal with sometimes difficult circumstances to
bring the class to life

Cereal Partners Worldwide – Nestlé and General Mills


Bianca is deeply passionate about helping others and this is reflected in her teaching approach which is considered and personable, inspirational, tailored to her audience, and clearly reflects her wealth of global experience gathered over many years.


‘This course helped me through a very difficult time. My relationships with people in my personal life and work have been transformed –
in essence I feel much more at ease with myself.  And I sleep much better!”




To contact Bianca, please email her on: info@biancaking.ch

Bianca often collaborates with other teachers on her courses:


AnnAnn Gowing

Ann offers a mindful and compassionate approach to mind, body and heart training.

With over 25 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry, Ann has been dedicated to the teaching of body, mind and heart training. Having lived in Asia for all her adult life, Ann has been inspired by Eastern philosophies and the wisdom methods they impart. 

Moving to the French Alps in 2013, Ann is personally focused on being healthy and balanced and is professionally fulfilled by coaching and supporting others to achieve physical/mental health and emotional balance. 

Passionate about life long learning and the teaching of holistic practices, she continues her studies of ‘Insight Yoga’ (integration of yoga, mindfulness and psychology) with her teacher Sarah Powers, alongside neuroscience and its applications to mindfulness and well-being. 

Ann runs courses in Geneva and the Annecy area: http://agowing.wix.com/anngowing


StephenStephen Wainwright

Stephen has been practicing mindfulness and related meditation practices for more than 20 years, and has guided a number of meditation and study groups during this time. He has acted both as a faculty member and advisor on the application of meditation practices for humanitarian workers to the Garrison Institute’s Contemplative-Based Resilience project.

He supports Geneva Mindfulness by co-facilitating some of the public programmes, and providing advice and guidance.




Christine Blom

Christine brings together a wealth of holistic medical experience to deliver practical health promotion tools through yoga, mindfulness and first aid.


Thirty years ago Christine received her BSN in nursing at Georgetown University and went on to focus on holistic health. She followed a 1000hr massage therapy course in AZ in the 93, and after practicing yoga for many years recently studied a 200 hr YA yoga course at Yoga Moves in Nyon.


Having started practicing meditation as a teenager in her native Norway, Christine is a long time mindfulness practitioner, and has since practiced various forms of mindfulness in her life, including vipassana and MBSR.


In the last several years, Christine has been promoting mindfulness in the International school of Geneva schools where she has worked as a school nurse for 10 years. She has created a popular course called M&M – Massage and Mindfulness – for 4 to 9 year olds where she uses both of these methods as vehicles to teach presence and kindness to the children. Additionally, Christine teaches yoga at the school, seeing yoga as a wonderful way to include mindfulness in daily life.


As a nurse she sees the importance of health promotion and first aid training and is involved in both in Geneva. She is available to deliver lectures or courses in either French or English. She specializes in teaching First Aid for yoga teachers.


For further information please contact Christine – chrisblom123@gmail.com




Silvia is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, with more than 200 hours of one-on-one coaching, and is trained to teach mindfulness techniques to kids and adults.

After 15 years working in the field of international aid and development, and after becoming a mother for the third time, she decided to devote my energies to supporting parents in reconnecting with their strengths and values, to help them raise their children with awareness and ease.
Silvia started her mindfulness practice in January 2015, and having experienced herself the transformative power of mindfulness practice, she decided to train to teach mindfulness to kids and their parents, to bring to others an effective tool for managing stressful, fast-paced and distracted lives. Silvia is currently studying transactional analysis, counseling path,  to support parents with larger range of tools.

Silvia moved back to Geneva, Switzerland, in August 2016 after four years in Bangkok, Thailand, and she is currently working with parents from different countries, via Skype, FaceTime and in person.
She runs and facilitate mindfulness training, workshops, individual and group coaching sessions.
She works with schools, organisations and individuals.

Silvia is very passionate about helping other people to rediscover how strong, kind, determined and loving they are and can be – and how beautiful life can be if we take it moment by moment.


Transactional Analysis for Counselling, Centre AT. Geneva, Switzerland – Four-year training (ongoing).
MBSR Teacher Certification. Bangor University, UK (ongoing).
Parent Coaching Certification. The PCI.  One-year post graduate course, with 100 hours of one-to-one coaching, 2016
Mindful Educator Essentials, Mindful Schools. Course on teaching mindfulness to kids (K- 12), 2015
Paws b, Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP). Phuket, Thailand. Course on teaching mindfulness to kids (aged 7 to 12), 2016
BA in Business Administration. University of Turin, Italy, 1994


Mindful Communication, Mindful Schools, 2016
Difficult Emotions, Mindful Schools, 2016
Cultivating Positive States of Mind, UCLA, 2016
Several one-day meditation retreats with Ajahn Brahm. Bangkok, Thailand 2015-2016
Five-day silent retreat with Josh Korda, Chiang Rai, Thailand, 2016
One-day silent retreat with Bianca King, Geneva, Thailand, 2016
Aha!Parenting Course. Course run by Dr Laura Markham, 2016

For more information:







International Collaborators 


Mark MolonyMark Molony

Mark is an organisational coach and therapist who has worked extensively with the Australian Army, sporting elites and business executives. He holds a Master of Health Service Management (MHSM) and Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), and is a registered mental health professional.

Mark is the co-founder of the internationally recognised Mindful Life Program, and has conducted mindfulness programs in both Australia and the United States. Mark draws on his mindfulness practices regularly in his business coaching roles and has built a solid reputation—helping people achieve greater focus, well-being and performance.

More information about Mark here.


jeremy_limpens_picJeremy Limpens

Jeremy Limpens is a behavioural change and stress management coach, university lecturer, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. He has spent twenty years working in health care as a senior manager, registered nurse and paramedic across fifteen countries, and holds a Master of Health and qualifications in conflict resolution, organisational psychology, counselling and mindfulness training.

Jeremy currently leads effective mindfulness-based programs and conflict for individuals, couples and groups—including corporate organisations, health care professionals, people living with cancer, and those stuck in the cycle of conflict.

More information about Jeremy here.