Practical Details – How to apply



How do I Apply for the Course?

There are 3 steps to apply for the course:

1. Application Form

You can send an email to us at to register your interest and ask any questions. If you decide to pursue the Course, you may fill in and return to the same email address the Application Form: MBSR-Appl-April-2018

2. Orientation Session

Before you can be accepted onto the MBSR Course you must attend an Orientation Session or speak directly with one of the Instructor/s. This will allow you to:

  • Learn about the Stress Reduction Program, its history  and explore whether it is right for you.
  • Meet the Course instructors.
  • Experience, first-hand, mindfulness methods and approaches you will be learning during the program.
  • Judge whether the Course fits in with your stage of life and schedule at this moment.
  • Ask any questions you may have regarding the Programme.

Thursday 22nd March

19:30 – 20:30

23, rue de la Servette
1201 Genève


You do not need to bring anything special with you for this session.


Please email Bianca King to register to attend one of the Orientations


3. Personal Interview

After sending in your Application Form and attending the Orientation, if you are still interested in participating in the MBSR Course you will be invited to have an interview with the instructor in person or over the phone. This will be discussed and organised at the Orientation, or by email if you are unable to attend the Orientation.


Please Note:

MBSR may NOT  be suitable for every person or may not be an appropriate choice for you at this time. This may be the case if you are dealing with substance abuse or dependence, an acute medical problem or acute psychological issues including trauma, severe depression, psychosis, active suicidal thoughts  or other major psychiatric diagnosis.

MBSR is not psychotherapy. It is NOT a substitute for mental health therapy or counselling, for medical care or for substance abuse treatment. Please discuss any concerns you may have with the Course instructors.


Upon being accepted onto the course, you will receive a confirmation letter
and you are able to make payment of the fee to confirm your place.


How much does the Course cost?

The Course fee is 600 CHF for the 8 weeks and the All Day Retreat Session – 9 sessions involving about 28 hours of mindfulness practices and exercises. This includes the Practice audio materials and the Course Handouts. Your payment reserves your place on the course.  If you have financial concerns which may make participation in the Course difficult, please do not hesitate to indicate these and financial arrangements can be discussed.

Refunds are possible up to one week prior to the course beginning. Cancellation afterwards will incur a 100% fee of the course price unless your place if filled by another participant.

You are welcome to reserve your place after your application form has been accepted. Check with the facilitator first. You can then make your payment to the following account and include in the reason for payment field: MBSR and the start date and location of the course.

Bianca Elizabeth King
Case postale, CH-1211 Genève 2
Account no.: 240 -908299.40E
IBAN: CH15 0024 0240 9082 9940 E

Do I need any special materials?

A yoga mat is required for the Mindful Yoga exercises. Loose clothing is advised, as from the first evening the Course involves stretching exercises.

What to expect?

The sessions involve a combination of information presentation, small and large group discussion, gentle movement exercises (suitable for all levels of activity) and carefully guided meditation instruction and practice.

What is included?

You will be given a usb with all the audios of guided meditations, as well as selected readings and handouts throughout the course.

What commitment does the MBSR Course demand?

The MBSR Course does require a significant commitment to your own health and to us.

If you register you will be asked to attend all the classes for the 8 weeks (9 sessions) and to practice daily home assignments for about 45 minutes each day. Research shows that the effectiveness of the Course is related to the manner in which participants are faithful to the daily exercises. Home assignments include the practices taught on the Course, some reading and short writing or reflection exercises.